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We landed in London, at what we were told is the biggest airport in the world and we believe it. We found a place that would hold our luggage and then we bought tickets for a double-decker bus tour and for the underground (subway) and headed out to explore London. We had a 12 hour layover and so had many hours to see some of London’s most important sights either on the bus or on the boat ride on the Thames River. We were able to see Trafalgar Square, Big Ben. Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, London Bridge, Wembley Stadium, and the Tower of London. A huge soccer tourney was being held in London and thousands of loud, singing fans were everywhere. The streets got more crowded as the day went on. If we would have had another hour we could have seen Buckingham Palace, but we decided not to chance it and get back to the airport. Good thing we did because we went to the wrong terminal to pick up our suitcases and we had to add a lot of time to find the right one.

By the time we got on the jet at 9:30 p.m. we were really exhausted. We flew with British Airlines, who seemed to have more male flight attendants than female. It was an enjoyable flight, and we had many movie, TV, or radio selections to choose from. There were two seats on each side of the plane and three in the middle. Rob and I were in two seats on the right side of the plane and Jan and Greg were right in front of us. We were so jealous of the First Class people who had spacious seats and could actually lie down to sleep. I tried to watch The King’s Speech, but could not stay awake. It was about an 8 hour trip and it was very hard to get comfortable. I used ear plugs and eye mask to help me go to sleep and I think it helped. We were all really looking forward to a good night’s rest in a real bed. By this time we had been up for so many hours we really did feel like zombies, the walking dead.

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