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Spent today checking out Perth City Centre a little more thoroughly. Highlight was the Perth Mint where we saw one of the daily gold pours. Molten gold was poured and solidified into a bar before our eyes. Got our paws on a 400oz gold bar as well but having carefully considered the top notch security arrangements and the weight of it we decided against doing a runner with it.

Also discovered that if we were made of gold we would both be worth well over 100million aus dollars. One lucky sod found a huge nugget in his drive way. Another canny pair found the 23rd biggest gold nugget on record and rather than melt it down sold it to a casino in Las Vegas that paid twice it's value in gold just so they could display the largest nugget in the world in the foyer. All larger nuggets were melted when they were found.

At 4pm we met John, the guy we travelled with in Cambodia, whose offer of a bed we had decided to take up. He and his wife Glen live in Hillarys, a really nice suburb 25kms outside of Perth. Glen had cooked a cracking roast lamb dinner for us which tasted all the sweeter after 3 months without such pleasures.

Day 102 complete

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