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First things first Happy Birthday AD. Second thing see yesterdays page for pictures.

Our route today took us south to Pemberton, west to Augusta and then back north to Perth after a long, long drive. Before the drive we headed over to Stan's farm (Tonya's dad-in-law) to watch calf's being fed. The smells of the farm and the fresh air did wonders to wake us up.

At Pemberton we stopped at the Karri forest renowned for its 'Gloucester Tree'. After a 65m hike upwards we reached the tree tops with a great view across the surrounding forest. Coming down was certainly harder and slower than going up. Not good for those with vertigo! We had a quick stroll around the forest before watching crowds of parrots bombard a travelling group of Malaysians. Well if you will feed them!

Next stop Bindulup where we stopped for dinner and had a look at the waterfall. All the rain of late must have done some good as the falls seemed to be in full flow. On the way to Augusta we stopped at a few wineries to taste the local drop. I found some white that I quite liked and we bought a few bottles. I still prefer the beer though.

At Augusta we reached the most south westerly point in Australia where the Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet. A really nice little town which no doubt gets rammed in summer.

By now the sun was starting to fade and we started the long drive back to Perth. John grafted and after five hours we arrived back at their house. An adventurous, tiring two day trip ended. We have driven over 1000km's and seen loads of things, however when you look at a map and see where we went it looks like nothing. It just goes to show how big this place is.

Day 107 complete

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