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It was 2:30 AM when I awoke to the sound of rain on the roof of the RV. Rain! Again! Bummer!

By the time we woke for the second time, it was nearly 7:00 AM.

We sat outdoors on the patio sipping our morning coffee.

The rain I mentioned above was pretty heavy and we noticed many of the “tent campers” hanging sleeping bags, blankets, etc out to dry. Several folks carried their bedding over to the laundry to use the dryers.

Three older guys riding motorcycles were camped near us and they were all fine today. They spoke to us as they cooked breakfast outdoors. Each of those guys had their own tent but they were all experienced campers from the looks of things.

Once our coffee was finished off we got busy.

Marilyn cleaned inside while I straightened things up outdoors.

We collected up all of the toys and I hosed them off to clean them as much as possible. It seems as if we have enough toys here to open our own used toy shop. Our van is now plum full of toys in plastic tubs, and we still have larger toys which won’t fit inside the van.

It will be a major job to get everything back to the farm for the kids when we get ready to leave here.

The patio area looks nice once again and we are ready for some serious cooking this afternoon.

We have steak teriaki, sweet corn on the cob, and some large onions to cook on the grill.

We dumped the holding tanks and I swept the truck out on the inside.

With the chores mostly done, Marilyn took off for the store while I sat down to relax and watch the Indy 500 race. It is amazing to see those guys zipping around the track at speeds up to 230 mph.

The rain, which had stopped about 7:00 AM, began again around 11:00AM.

Just in time for my grilling fun!

No problem because I would not be deterred by a little moisture.

I grilled some onions with garlic salt and EVOO. They were delicious!

Marilyn cooked the corn inside while I grilled the teriaki outdoors.

Once we ate our late lunch, early dinner, we took our showers and dressed for relaxing with the TV.

Let it rain! We don’t care!

It has been another fine day and we know that Life is Good!

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