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I took a day trip by myself to Venice, because Amy had class, and more importantly refused to go back to Venice. She warned me not to be to excited, and I'm afraid to say she had a point.

Venice is said to be in danger because the canals it sits on are getting higher and are eventually going to drown the city. I think it might first be trampled to bits by the sheer number of tourists in it. Is that fair to say, seeing as I went as one? Maybe not, but that is how I feel. The Bridge of Sighs is covered in ads, and everything has a fee. The cathedral of San Marco has a line just to get in, and everything is an extra charge, like the treasury. I did see the main sights though, and they were beautiful. The canals were a surprisingly bright blue, and the outside of buildings were wonderfully guilded. I also should say I probably didn't get the most out of the city because I was limited to the main areas. As I was alone and do not trust my directional sense, I didn't wander off of the beaten track, and I hear that is the best way to enjoy Venice.

I did take a great boat bus, that was fun. People are not joking when they tell you Venice is accessible only by canal. Every street seems to end in one! Still, I enjoyed watching the gondolas that appeared everywhere. I thought gondoleries were supposed to sing though? I heard not a one of those gentlemen singing...

Of course the blown glass and masks were amazing in Venice, and I filled my eyes with those. Not my bags though, the prices reminded me of Paris :) I was lucky that Amy had packed me a lunch before I left Bologna! The masks were everywhere and made into everything, from paperweights to earrings to magnets. I do kind of wish I had gotten some earrings...but that's ok.

All and all I did enjoy my day trip to Venice, but I don't think I need to go back. Unless I meet someone from Venice and they want to show me where all the people that actually live there are hiding :)

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