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Day 7 was the return trip to Strasbourg (40km). Our last day and what do you know, other set of hills! Oh well these are the last. My horrible husband wouldn't push my bike up the hill. Apparently it wasn't big enough. Can't win them all I suppose.

We went past a couple of wineries but I think we were all ready just to get back, even though we have all had fun. After we left the hills and the last of the villages we were riding along the canals that surround Strasbourg. With our panniers packed with baguettes, cheese, fois gras and wine we found a great spot to eat our last lunch. Yes more food! Do you know how hard it is to get back on a bike after lots of food and wine?

Back in Strasbourg Wayne and I got lost so out came the "trusty" GPS to get us back to the hotel. Even though the others waited for us they still made it back before we did! Shows how "trusty" the GPS is!

Was very glad to hang up the bike. Would I do it again? Well yes, but next time slot more training. My legs were so sore by the end of it all and I was covered in bruises. Even Wayne was sore by the end, which made me feel better. That night was a farewell dinner and drinks. Yes more food and grog! Well whats a person to do!

We had two days here to recover and after we said good by to the others we had a leisurely day walking around town and then a boat ride. It was so nice just to be still and not trying to get to the next destination.

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