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Sometime during the night a stiff, cold, breeze began blowing across my face, through our open windows. That woke both of us although I was the only one awake or cold enough to close my window.

It was 51 degrees outside when we woke this morning so it wasn’t far above that on the inside of the RV.

Marilyn waited in the comfort of our bed while I got up and turned the fireplace on to warm things up a bit.

We sipped our coffee in comfort, the fireplace doing a nice job of warming things, once the windows were all closed.

We ate a bite of breakfast and finished off the coffee.

With blogs read and e-mails answered we accomplished a few minor chores.

Marilyn did some laundry and I made the bed.

I called Julie at the Garth Mansion to confirm our reservation for the Murder Mystery Dinner on June 4th, and she invited Colby to come out tomorrow to play with Will, her grandson.

Marilyn washed and colored her hair and it looked quite red to me. In fact it appeared to be a plum color and I did not like that.

She assured me that it would be fine once it was washed and dried.

She was correct and it turned out just fine. Whew!!

Jen & Steve brought the grandkids in to stay with us for a couple of hours this evening.

When they returned to pick up the kids, Jennifer changed the bandage on my face before they headed home.

It is nice to have a nurse in the family.

We were looking at our schedule for the next few weeks and it is filled with activity. It looks as if we’ll have to get to Colorado to rest up.

That seems so silly to write because we have been couch potatoes today. Starting tomorrow we are going to be quite busy but on the other hand, it will give us something to write about. LOL

Take care dear readers.

Life is Good!

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