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Both of us had our blinds raised after going to bed last night.

Lightning makes a good alarm clock but it went off at 2:30 this morning. The bright flashes of light were followed by the crashing of thunder and then rain coming down in buckets.

By the time we left the comfort of our nice warm bed, to sip coffee in the living room, the rain was nothing more than a steady light drumming on the roof.

We had the fireplace on and soft music playing so things were just fine.

Later in the morning, Marilyn drove out to Jennifer’s place while I stayed behind to take care of a few little chores.

The folks at the cave called to ask if I could lead a tour but I declined per my instructions from the doctor.

I ate a bite of lunch prepared by the trusty microwave, and sat relaxing in front of the TV.

The programs I tried to watch were constantly being interrupted by weather alerts.

As those alerts became more serious I paid more attention.

Then Marilyn called to let me know she was on her way home and to say that Jennifer was planning to bring the little ones to us, to take care of while she did some grocery shopping.

By this time the weather was getting quite bad and tornado sirens were going off, so I called Jennifer to suggest that she stay home and maybe seek shelter in the basement.

We soon followed that advice by heading for the shelter of the cave.

There were people, numerous dogs, a cat, and many children in there as well as tourists and campers.

The sirens were going off, children were crying, yet everyone seemed happy to be safe.

We finally left the cave around 4:00 PM and returned to our little home on wheels.

It was nearly time to drive to the Mexican restaurant and we headed out a bit early to meet our friends.

Bob & Janet walked in right after we did, followed shortly by Dennis & Sonja and the Steve & Cathy.

The chatter and laughter made the good food and drink even better.

We had a nice time with these good people. It was a wonderful way to end the day.

Now we are looking forward to tomorrow. Life is Good!

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