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We set the alarm for 5:00 AM but didn’t need it.

I first awoke at 1:30 and then again at 3:30, finally crawling out of bed at 4:00.

We were ready to go a few minutes before 6:00 when Jennifer drove up to ride with us.

The trip began with a train moving slowly across the street we were on. We could see no end to the train so we detoured around to another street.

Things went fine until we were detoured without warning because of a bridge being out. That detour took us 10 miles out of our way and added more minutes to our trip.

We still arrived in Columbia at the expected time, giving us a bit over one hour for breakfast at “Cracker Barrel”.

I had been advised by the doctor to eat a good breakfast because we might be there all day.

Well OK then! I held up my end of the bargain by indulging in a fine breakfast of eggs, ham, pancakes, and fried apples.

Marilyn and Jennifer enjoyed their breakfast also, and we arrived at the hospital right on time.

Within a few minutes of our arrival I was greeted by a nice young lady named Alyssa, who was my nurse for the day.

She escorted me to a room down several hallways, where I was seated in a familiar looking reclining chair, with bright lights above.

She explained things to me and took a photograph (The “Before” Picture), then left to get the needles and related equipment.

When things were all ready, the doctors came in and explained exactly what they were going to do.

After signing another form and explaining back to the doctors in my own words, what was going to be done, the nurse administered the numbing medicine. That took about five injections under my left eye.

They placed towels around my head and face, obviously leaving a space around me eye to do the surgery.

After scraping and cutting tissue away, they used some sort of a “pencil like cauterizing “ tool to keep the bleeding to a minimum.

I could actually smell the flesh burning! Luckily I couldn’t feel anything.

After being patched up temporarily I was shown to a waiting room and allowed to retrieve my wife and daughter to sit with me while the lab did their job.

The good news came about an hour later when the doctor entered the waiting room to inform us that I was now cancer free and they needed to finish me up. That meant stitches and that took longer than I thought it would. Of course they had to numb me up again before stitching several layers, finally closing the surface.

A bandage and some instructions, along with an “After” photograph, and I was back with my family and on the way home.

We are now back in our little home on wheels.

Our friend, Denny, is going through a tough decision making process today so our thoughts and prayers are with him and with Sonja.

No matter what obstacles we all face we are surrounded by loving family and friends, making it easy to remember that Life is Good!

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