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Annalopis Artist from our Boat. Note she is painting the building in...

Triatholon began and ended at our boat. Can't believe they swam in...

Coulter's & Sue in front of Just Relax in typical weather we...

Coulter's in front of cafe where they sing National Anthem every morning....

Says it all

We take free golf cart taxi to supper in Eastport.

Note Osprey next on top of mast. We saws this at anchor.

Gibson Isle Anchor

Mule and horses at anchor.

Old Sewer pump station in Baltimore. They still use it.

Jellyfish at aquarium - Baltimore

Longneck turtle

Always need a picture of a frog

Carolyn & Buddy leaving us in Baltimore. No, they did not overpack...

We leave Annapolis on 5\15 (John's mom's birthday) arriving at Mahogny Bay anchor for a beautiful afternoon, arriving around noon. We dink over to shore and a yacht club for ice and sight-seeing. Nice supper at night and played marbles. Then lightning started and John did not like it at all, but the others were fine. We later leran that our electronics got hit with the GPS & depth finder not working. We tried to watch a movie, but Carolyn barely made it through the credits before she went to sleep, and Buddy, being the trooper he is, stayed wtih us, even though he also fell asleep. The Coulters obvioulsy are stressed out being at anchor - LOL.

5/16 takes us via compass and paper charts to Baltimore where John had a repairman set up to visit the boat for the electronics. They are made by Raymarine and John cusses Raymarine service all the time. The service man also cusses them for the same reason. Wish we had $10K laying around, we'd replace the whole system. In any manner, the repair guy was great. Taking 3 days to fix it and not overcharging us. We had many good conversaionts as John is always there with discussions. We tour the city as best we could given John had to hang around for the repair guy and in between some rain. We go to aquarium - really neat. We had been to many aquariums, but not one like this. Never seen so many Jellyfish, frogs and even birds. Downtown is right where we park our boat. The water here in the harbor is very polluted. Our lines get grimey, and trash is floating in the harbor everywhere. But the downtown is really neat. Sadly, the Coulter's have to leave us after a fantastic ten or so days. They are great boat people - naturals, except that John had to tease them for all the stuff they brought. They had more clothes than we did. But, if John did not have their packing to tease them about, then he'd had found something else, so this was safe. We had played marbles many times and if the total score was correct, the boys trounced the girls something like 15-3 (LOL). We stay two more days here due to weather and repairs and we also did some more sightseeing. We discover two more neat sections of town that were beautiful and many neat little shops. We break tradition and decide one night not to eat at local places since they were a few blocks away and ate acrss the street at a chain place (Outback) since we did not want to chance getting rained on. John takes the bike shopping for a while and it got stolen. He was so mad. During rains, we get many chores done: new speakers, cleaned strainers, installed new filters, laundry (5 loads), ... Well, we are now all ready to go solo for the next few weeks, so we spend our last day in Baltimore saddened with all our loneliness.

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