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A flash of light woke me during the night. It was bright enough for me to see it through my closed eyelids as I slept with my face toward the open window.

Another flash and then shortly after, a clap of thunder!

Rain I thought, through my still foggy mind.

I heard the wind pick up and felt a cool breeze.

Sure enough the rain began and both the smell of rain and the sound of rain on the roof were really neat.

I was quietly enjoying this little gift from mother nature when Marilyn announced that it was only 4:50 AM and suggested that I go back to sleep, although perhaps it was more like an order than a suggestion.

We both closed our windows and did indeed slip off to dreamland once again.

By the time we crawled out of bed at 5:15, the rain had ended and there was almost a full moon in the clear sky. Beautiful!

We sipped our morning coffee and decided that we should drive out to the hospital early and use the Wi-Fi to post the blog I wrote yesterday.

As we left the comfort of the RV we noticed that a friend who works here at the Cave/Campground had a nice campfire going and he and his wife (girlfriend?) were sitting outside beside the fire.

They were tent camping not too far from our site.

We waved as we got into the car and Marilyn reminded me that “Some people know how to build a fire, even with wet wood!”

That was a reference to the time Mike and I tried for hours to build a campfire with really wet wood, out in Colorado.

In spite of the fact that we used two cans of fire starter, half a bag of charcoal, and all of the small kindling wood we had, we still ended up with a smudge more than a fire. We still get teased about that from time to time.

I don’t think we could have started that darned fire with a blowtorch! LOL

We returned to the RV with Lauren and she entertained us as she helped her Mimi clean out the pantry. She was a delight for the entire day.

We left the Campground and drove to the hospital early, so that I could post this blog.

Although the sun was shining most of the day, causing us to use the A/C, the stormy weather has returned for the evening.

They have a tornado watch out so we’ll keep one eye on the weather tonight.

Those two nice young ladies from Taiwan that I wrote about, have been sending pictures taken during their visit to Mark Twain Cave.

I sure enjoy that and want to send an e-mail to them to say thanks, as soon as we get internet service back.

Have a great day everyone!

Life is Good!

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