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This is mostly a place-holder so it shows up on the map. We arrived in Rennes exactly to the minute of the schedule. The conductor didn't even blink twice at the tickets I had pre-printed when we were still in Seattle. Didn't phase him one bit. Boy, they are organized.

Whizzing across the countryside at 300kph (~180mph) was pret-ty cooool! :-)

I just figured out that from the train station in Paris to the train station in Rennes was approximately 350km (~220 miles), which makes it a bit further than, say, Seattle to Portland. That train ride, by the way, takes over three hours--about the same as driving. Our ride today took 2:18, including stops. Wheeee!

Fred, I know it isn't your kind of car racing, but I did think of you when the train stopped in Le Mans.

--Michael (as if you couldn't guess)

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