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The view from our bathroom.....not a bad way to start the day

The sunsets were amazing, the water was so calm it seemed like...

Sunset on Sue's birthday....the rays coming through the clouds

The most beautiful smile in the world on one of the most...

Cos, they beat us to it!!!!

Be careful of the overly flirtatious fish!

Our front porch....literally 20 feet from the ocean

First of all, many apologies for taking so much time between posts, we haven't been too busy but internet connections with any speed are very few and far between amongst these Thai islands. The past 10 days have consisted of some much needed rest, relaxation and sun time. In between, we celebrated Susie's 27th birthday with a day of relaxation, good meals and wonderful weather and company. We decided to stay in a nicer resort for a few days to coincide with her birthday and were treated to a wonderful, private beach with beautiful surroundings. As our stay at the resort ended we borded a ferry boat for the island of Ko Phangan. It was a rather slow ride considering we traveled only a few kilometers but the seas are so calm it was quite relaxing. Susie signed up for a Scuba class she has long been eager to complete and she spent part of the next three days completing her PADI Open Water certification allowing her to dive anywhere in the world and crossing off one more goal her long list of things she has dreamed of doing.

Ko Phangan was quite different in many aspects to our previous stop at Ko Samui. The island is beautiful, white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters all backed by lush green hillsides of vegetation. While Ko Samui had roadways circling the island, Ko Phangan does not so we were not able to get all the way around the island to see the entire place. All three days it managed to rain a little, which is not surprising; however, one day the rain actually stuck around for about an hour, quite unusual but not to us.

Leaving Ko Phangan again required a ferry ride, this time aboard a much faster Catamaran. The ride was a little longer, even at the faster speed due to a longer distance back to the mainland town of Surat Thani. From here we took the most uncomfortable little minivan to the beach town of Krabi where we crashed for the night. In the morning we boarded another little ferry for the island of Ko Phi Phi, famous to many as being the filming site for the movie "The Beach." We arrived in midafternoon, had a little lunch and boarded a long boat for a 15 minute boat ride to our seculed bungalow retreat. Ko Phi Phi does not have any roads used on the island, thus the only way to get from beach to beach is by boat. Our hideaway bungalow was right on the beach, we had to jump in the water to walk the boat in! The "resort" provided exactly what we were looking for: space away from civilization, peace and quiet and most importantly, the hammock on our front porch I had promised Sue the whole trip! Only one downfall to the beautiful spot, we only had power from 7pm until 7am and clearly, no working communication. Our stay was wonderful, spent a lot of time reading and talking, took a kayak ride and enjoyed being as far from anything as I've ever been. Today has brought us back to the main port of Ko Phi Phi, Ton Sai where we will spend a coulple more nights before heading to Phuket as we prepare for our journey back to Seattle.

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