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Today we woke up a little late. To a pouring rain. That's ok, it was raining yesterday morning as well. We'd eat breakfast - tea and toast for me as I grow weary of the full Irish breakfast - checkout of the hotel, then hit the road. By then the rain would thin and the sun would peak out a little.

OR, we'd tour around the Ring of Kerry in a driving rain with visibility often being all of a quarter mile. Less a few times. Even on the drive to Kenmar I had been looking forward to going over Caha Pass. I hear it is beautiful. Couldn't say.

As crazy as it sounds, the 30 or 40 mile an hour winds (not kidding) and sheets of pelting rain didn't really diminish our ride. We'd get points where the coast was visible and we'd stand, like fools, in the rain and wind and just soak in (pun unintended but shall remain) the jaw dropping grandeur.

There were several things I had wanted to stop and see along the way, but the weather was a big deterrent. It is a disappointment our amazing weather hasn't held up, but the island is so green for a reason. Besides, it is a good excuse for coming back. We've thought about trying the ring again tomorrow (weather dependent), but really, there is also so many things to see here near Killarney.

Anyway, we arrived much earlier to town than planned and decided to go to the town square to a seafood place Humphries suggested. Beyond heavy traffic. Saturday, no one going to anywhere because of the rain. Ack. We bailed and went to find some place to eat on the edge of town. In fact, we crossed over to the adjacent town of Fossa. Saying it makes me laugh. The place Humphries found is gone. The economy is really taking its toll on the Irish. We spun around and found a place claiming to have food.

My initial reaction upon getting to the door was "Um, no." It reeked of cigarette smoke and all I could see was a bunch of scruffy guys shooting pool. But Bill was in the "I gotta eat" mode and I didn't feel like getting into a thing. So in we went. I ordered the stew and Bill got grilled prawns. First the woman set an order of brown bread beside me, along with a large, empty bowl. "That's all for you." She said as she walked away. I started liking her very much. She then returned with a, seriously, soup tureen filled to the brim with stew. I would set this portion out for a dinner party of four and not be shocked if there were left overs. Even with Bill's help, we barely made a dent in the very delicious stew. If you are ever in the area, it would be worth a stop - though the choices in town all sound very good. My only suggestion would be to get a table as far from the bar area as possible.

The hotel we're in tonight, The Castleross, is ok. Another golf resort. The room has a few quirks but should be just fine for a couple of nights. We had a coupon for dinner in the restaurant and went there late for us (8:30pm). The rain and stopped and the sky cleared a bit and the view of the lakes and the mountains from the restaurant were worth the cost alone. Just beautiful; and all viewable through the wall to ceiling glass windows. Cue the wild life. During dessert, three Killarney Red Deer meandered on to the golf course perfecting the sunset scene.

Really our most uneventful day. Bill is starting to find the smallness of everything a bit tiresome. I have a couple funny (to me) pictures of him squeezing through the entry ways at Blarney Castle. In all our hotels, he is having to duck under the exit signs, and in this room, he has to duck to get through the doorway. It isn't like this never happens at home mind you, but it is happening a lot here. So when I asked him what he wanted to do tomorrow and said if he answered "whatever you want to do" I would scream, he said "well don't let me pick, or I'll pick something like miniature golf. Hell, all the golf here is miniature, everything here is miniature." I offered him one million dollars if he would go up to the front desk and ask them if the golf course was regular or miniature. He didn't bite.

Oh, and this place sort of has internet access. Not in the rooms, but in the common areas.

Hoping for drier skies tomorrow.

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Hiking, biking, wandering around town; really depends on this weather.

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