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Hola Amigos!

Sorry because i am truly lacking in my updates and also in my knowledge of how to use this site--photo uploads take forever! Anyway, i´m in Huaraz, Peru and this place is freaking awesome! Smack dab in the middle of the Cordillera Blanca, where you can´t swing a dead cat without hitting a glacier or 6,000 meter peak. Put this place on your list, buy a ticket and get here now!

I just finished the Santa Cruz trek, 4 days through big lush green valleys, topped off with 6,000 meter snow cap peaks surrounded by gigantic glaciers. Simply breathtaking! While crossing over the 4,700 meter pass i watched a freaking Condor catch a thermal and circle up into the clouds--a lifetime moment! My camera battery died and so i´m depending upon some friends to supply you with some pics of this trek. Next, i´m looking to do some rock climbing, some mountaineering, and another trek--all with batteries in my camera.

There is really too much to do here, without a doubt i must return here again, and again! At some point i must do a post to catch-up on all the many places i haven´t mentioned yet...coming your way soon!

Looking ahead: i´ve changed my flight and i´m staying in SA until late June. If i can ever get out of Peru i´m heading north to see Ecuador and Colombia (i keep hearing great things about Colombia!)

Anyway, i hope you-all are well!

much love, steve

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