We had intended to head south and then back west to make a circle into the southern part of Slovakia but when we arrived in Kosice to check on accomodations the only one that was reasonably priced listed in the LP was under construction/repairs. Since we had left at 7 am and it was only 9 we decided to move on catching the train to this city which is not really where Bon and Mari had hoped to be but...and now Bon is feeling a bit ill, actually quite the same as I. Luckily we were travelling by train so there was a any rate, here we found only the Lux Hotel, a Communist era hotel, big cement,gray, but clean and the cheapest here but still the most expensive we have encountered in Slovakia, 483 SK = 15.60 US dollars. Today(13th) Bon is not well enough to continue so we lay over here and move on tomorrow via bus...

Mari here: During the lay-over time in Kosice, I went off to see the Old Town center. Really glad I did. Baroque style buildings that have been restored. A "singing fountain" in the main square danced to classical music. Another beautiful Gothic church.

The same can be said for Blanska Bystrica, only without the fountain. Staying at the Hotel Lux was an interesting time. It is in the middle of a large park area that is to commemorate the Slovak National Uprising against the Germans. The uprising failed, but set the seeds for future success. Across the park from the hotel is a modern style museum and memorial to those who died in the uprising. The structure is huge and looks like a big concrete bowl that has been broken in half. The whole place, including apartments and a shopping area lining each side are classic Communistic design. Such a contrast to the Old Town with it's castle and all. By the way, the BATHTUB at the Hotel Lux was wonderful!!!!

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