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May 17:

Ok so I seriously need to do something about this pack, I nearly wanted to cry on the way back to the train station today it was so heavy. Sending some unneccesary shit back to England asap! The French trains are really posh, nothing against the Spanish in terms of transportation, but this is some serious Grade A stuff they got going on here! Will arrive mid afternoon in Marseilles, spending only a night and all day tomorrow. Haven't fully decided on stopping in Monaco, may just take the night train straight to Milan.

Met Maria safe and sound! (Isn't that an odd expression, what does the 'sound' part even mean?) Got into our hostel which was convienently across the street from the train station, and went straight to the old port to catch the sunset. Walked up and down some very old, and very quaint french streets and soon came to the harsh realization that all stores close about 730, so there went our plan to grab some bread, wine and cheese and take advantage of the lovely outdoor terrace our hostel had. Found a fancy little resteraunt instead that offered us 3 courses for 17 euros, bit of a splurge but it was our first night in the south of france so why not? Walking back was a real treat, the men of Marseilles are ruthless when it comes to 'charming' the ladies and every 2 meters we were complimented or offered this and that.

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