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cool and breezy on the hills over Keuka Lake

major waterfall at entrance to Watkins Glen Gorge

posing for me at the entrance of Corning Museum of Glass

impressive displays

miniature model of the glassworks in action

a glass xylophone of sorts - played by the wind!



How'd you like a door like this one?

beginning of making a green bowl

Chihuly work in lobby

Yesterday, we traveled mostly over I-86 to get to a campground 15 miles west of Corning. I will not go on this road again until the road has been repaved - it was quite rough and bumpy! I saw a roadside sign advertising Chat-A-Whyle Cafe at the exit before we got off, so we went to have dinner there. We liked it so much, we went back for breakfast!

We strarted the day by riding around the area a bit. The first stop was at the Bully Hill Vineyards, but it wasn't open at 10 AM om a Sunday morning! Mom remembers that she and Dad visited here many years ago. I remember being here also with Gette and Gayle about 10 years ago. Maybe we'll come back this summer. At the northern end of Keuka Lake is a State Park. We checked that out then drove on a little road on the lake. The speed limit was 25 mph, so after awhile, we got tired of looking at lake cottages but knew it would take a long time if we turned back. We kept going, and at the end of that V, there was a road that went straight back to the main road where we could go 40 mph and the road was called Skyline Drive! ha!

We stopped and walked a bit in Watkins Glen. The water was flowing fast and the trail up the gorge was closed, so we were saved from walking on wet rocks! The weather was still cloudy, windy, and sometimes rainy. But that didn't get us down.

We spent the afternoon at the Corning Glass Museum and enjoyed ourselves. We all learned something and shared it with each other. I was surprised that ancient cultures learned to heat sand hot enough to melt and make glass. Mom was impressed that glass-making was the first industry in America, done in Jamestown the same year they arrived! Dolores recently visited the museum with Allan, but they didn't see the demonstrations of making a bowl or how different kinds of glass break up. There is just so much to see here that I suggest people go back every so often to take it all in.

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