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Flood Wall in Historic Paducah

The history of Paducah is told in these murals

There are still two roads under this water

Lots of rivers in this area

This is where the water was last week

This is at least thirty feet lower than it was but still...

This is where they removed the flood gates yesterday

Historic District

Neat area huh?

More downtown


I just love this building. Can you imaging the stories this one...

Art District


National Quilt Museum

My Hero

There he goes.. Off to save the world

Great slogan don't you think?

It's pretty bad when you see this sign

Looks like this one escaped the water

This didn't

Sure hope thy can help these poor people

Well the toss said we go west so we made our way along Hwy I-24 to Paducah, KY to a super RV Park just off the Interstate. This one is called Duck Creek and is a Good Sam Park where we have 50 amp service and full hook up for $27 per night.. It is one of the nicest parks for the price that we have seen in a long time.. We arrived early in the afternoon and had lunch at home this time… After checking out the internet to make sure we had a good signal with our Verizon air card and the TV to make sure we could watch American Idol we decided to relax and read a bit before we went out snooping out the town.. It turned out that I laid down and dozed and woke up feeling awful.. So awful that we decided to lay low and wait til today to do the town… Thankfully I started feeling better about 8:00 pm so I could enjoy part of the night just watching TV… What a great night for American Idol… I have my favorite, do you?

We did some chores this morning and then followed the road to Historic Downtown Paducah… Wow, were we in for a surprise… We parked on Broadway right down by the water.. This is where the Tennessee River and the Ohio River meet.. We had heard about the flooding last week but had no idea just what that involved.. It turns out that there is a flood wall surrounding the river downtown and on the street side there are murals with the history dating back to the very early days right up to the present.. It is so well done and in front of each mural the story is there to read. Awesome display… On the other side when we walked thru an open doorway was the conflux of the two rivers that looked to be extremely high to us.. It turned out to be way higher then we thought.. In fact, we found out that there are two roads down below that you could not tell were even there. It was still way above flood stage but after the flood in 1938 that crested at 60 feet they built the flood wall for 64 feet.. Wow, last week this crested at 55.?? Feet and is slowly receding.. We saw the markings on the wall how high it got and is still way above the flooding… When we found out that the wall we went thru had just been opened yesterday it blew us away.. Wow, had it not been for the wall the whole area we were walking would have been under water big time…

We walked the historic district back and forth and then took pictures of the National Quilting Museum.. I have heard that the quilts inside are totally awesome but since I have never been into quilting and neither has Bill we decided to visit places that we felt we would enjoy more…

Our next destination was across the Ohio River to Illinois.. The town of Metropolis to be exact.. Now what/who would you expect to find in Metropolis but SUPERMAN.. We had expected to stop at the Illinois Visitors center but that was the first of our many “closed” signs that we came to.. Yup, this side of the Ohio did not have flood walls and so much was still under water that it was one of the most depressing experiences we have seen in our travels.. We decided to wing it and go with our instincts to find our hero.. Well the Daily Planet was our logical conclusion and sure enough, we got to the town square and right in front of the court house we found him.. Across the street we found the phone booth and the Daily Planet building, now a tourist museum/gift shop that was so overpriced we came out empty handed.. Not far up the road they had a statue of Lois Lane (Clark Kent’s girlfriend) but there were several people having their pictures with her so we went on our way to find our lunch spot of the day.. This spot was supposed to be Harrah’s Casino but as we approached the road leading to it we found this to also be under water and closed.. We tried to go along the Scenic Ohio River Drive but all we found was devastation.. Half the road was closed and when we tried different streets we saw all the sandbags and destruction caused to just about all the homes and business’s along the way.. It was enough to make you just cry.. A lot of the time we were following a Red Cross truck that looked to be assessing the damages.. We found a beautiful State Park that lost the battle but still had sandbags around all the buildings.. We have no idea how long it will take to re-open these places but from what we could tell, many of the homes will never be suitable to live in again.. Not what we expected on our journey today but after seeing this and the destruction from the tornado’s we saw in Georgia we will say extra prayers tonight that we have been spared this so far…

We returned to Paducah and had a late, late lunch at Red Lobster before returning to our home on wheels but found that we really need to see more of this interesting area we have driven thru so many times before.. We signed up for another day so come on back and see what we did this time…


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