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Three bridges

Countryside as we travel north

A coffee break at

Stone fences instead of hedges

Today we make our way to northern Wales. We detour to Devils Bridge where we take a brief walk to see the devils cauldron and the ‘three bridges’. The first bridge built in the 11th century, the second in 1700 and the third in 1901.

After lunch we travel through the hills until we reach the Irish Sea and finally the road follows the coast – for once we don’t have to walk!

The estuaries are wide and empty as the tide is out – still can’t get used to the tides here. The houses in the villages are quite often painted in pastel colours. We stop in one such village for a cuppa and a walk on the foreshore – the wind now cold and beginning to rain. The streets in the town centres are usually narrow with cars parked on one side leaving only room for one car to pass.

We have found the drivers here very considerate and patient. No one tailgates – guess there is usually nowhere to pass so they might as well just sit back and relax! Also I think they are all just used to queuing. The roads always windy and varying in width – not unusual to come around a corner and find you are facing a one car width stone bridge.

We eventually make to our country hotel just outside Dolgellau – great little place with a nice fire burning in the lounge. We meet a couple in their 70s from Oxford who have been visiting this hotel for 14 years. Obviously very wealthy and have been to Australia many times. We dine in and have a lovely night by the fire – the rain seems to be settling in and it looks like our luck has finally run out.

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