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Yesterday I did not get the blog posted because of a lack of internet service at the Campground. That was ok because I didn't have much to report. We had doctor's appointments all day and then a nice evening when we went to dinner with friends.

American Idol was really good last night. All three of those remaining in the competition are so good!

I would hate to see any of them go home, although it is certain that they all have a career in music ahead of them.

So that was it for yesterday.

Now for today:

We had time for our morning coffee before we drove to meet Jennifer and the grandkids.

When we drove back to the RV we had both of the little ones on board.

Marilyn fixed breakfast for the whole house full and then it was time to play.

Marilyn pushed the stroller with Lauren, who was soon fast asleep. I unloaded the bicycle and spent a little time with Colby, teaching him to ride it. It wasn’t long before he was tearing off down the narrow road in the campground.

A stop at the playground on the way back to the RV completed the outdoor play for the morning because it began to rain very lightly.

Marilyn sat outside on the patio, protected by the awning, and watched Lauren, while I played inside with Colby.

Once Marilyn came inside, Colby helped with a small chore, taking the screws out of the heat registers so that we could clean the heat ducts.

After lunch, Colby played with his “Play Doh” and then was off to our bed for his nap.

Jennifer worked a short shift today and drove up to our place while Colby was still sleeping.

She stayed to visit for awhile and then left when Colby awoke from his nap.

Those goodbye hugs and kisses from the little ones sure are special.

The Wi-Fi system at the campground has been so bad that we have been unable to get on line so Marilyn & I drove to the hospital to take advantage of the Wi-Fi system there.

We checked e-mail, the blogs of our friends, and Marilyn played with Facebook for awhile.

I finished the journal entry for the day and posted it before calling it quits.

Tomorrow we’ll be traveling north to my original home town of Kahoka, for the funeral of Lanny, my cousin Mary’s husband.

Our time is getting shorter here in Hannibal. We still have a lot to get finished but plan to leave for Colorado just one month from today, on June 19th.

We’ll be with our Mountaindale friends on June 21st.

Life is Good!

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