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We had a couple of surprises today. The first was when we arrived at the Hospital parking lot to meet Jennifer and the Grandkids.

We thought both of the little ones would be with us today but only Lauren arrived with Jen.

The second surprise occurred when I returned a call to the doctor’s office. The small place removed from my face turned out to be a common type of cancer, easily cured.

Basel-Cell Carcinoma is the name of it and the result of the call this morning is that I will have to travel to Columbia, MO, to visit another doctor to have the place “dug out” to make sure all is well.


We will still be fine to leave here on June 19th, for a summer in Colorado.

I was asked to go in to lead tours today and arrived at 8:20 AM, scheduled to work until 1:30 PM.

Surprise number three was when the two tour busses arrived full of folks from the Salt Lake City area in Utah.

My tour had a total of 32 girls and ladies, none of whom had ever been here before. They all enjoyed the tour as much as I did and left as a happy group.

Then surprise number four, as I was told that the rush was over and I could go home if I wished.

Well, I wished and was soon back at the RV where I ate some lunch with Marilyn and Lauren.

Marilyn took Lauren for a walk in her stroller and we played with Lauren for most of the afternoon.

As Lauren was enjoying her “tubby time” I sat next to the open window and another surprise happened. A wild turkey strolled past the window and I wished I had the camera handy.

Marilyn got ready for her WW meeting and then fed dinner to Lauren before we left.

Lauren and I waited in the car while Marilyn attended her first WW meeting as a Lifetime Member.

We then drove to the hospital to meet Jennifer, then made a stop at Subway to pick up sandwiches on the way back to the RV.

Today has been a day of small surprises, some good and some not so good.

All in all, it has been a good day and we are sure that Life is Good!

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