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We spent most of yesterday planning where we are going next and a rough guesstament of our trip until we get to Iowa for our 41st class reunion. It’s hard to plan where to go without knowing what it’s like where you are going. Carolyn got pretty frustrated, so we finally called it quits about 5:00. We settled on Rifle Gap State Park. We can’t make reservations, so we will just have to show up as a walk-in and see if there are any spaces available.

We got left about 9:50 and had a 170 mile drive. We wanted to stop in Grand Junction to go to Wal-Mart and a book store to get an atlas. I think Carolyn missed “civilization” and was ready to stop. We stopped at Wal-Mart and did our shopping. We learned how small some parking lots are when you have a 20’ truck and a 38’ 5th wheel. We will have to pay more attention next time. We stopped at Famous Dave’s for lunch just as a rain cloud came over and started dumping big drops of rain. Dave’s now have lettuce wraps with a new Blackberry sauce. It was very good. After lunch, we found our atlas at Barnes and Noble and we were heading out of town when we saw an RV place that carried parts. We had broken the handle on our mirror sliding door and wanted to see if they had one. There was road work that was being done and as we got to our turn, it looked like it was not a place we wanted to stuff our big unit into, so around the block we went. We discovered something else about driving a 20’ truck with a 38’ 5th wheel. You don’t want to be running errands with them. We gave up and got back on the freeway to Rifle.

We had been taking our time and got to Rifle about 4:30. We didn’t realize the campground was 11 miles out of town. We had a secondary place to go if they were full, but it was even farther. We should have found a place to fuel up before leaving town. We headed uphill for 11 miles as I was watching the fuel gauge and thinking we would have to come back to town if we didn’t get a space, instead of continuing on to our secondary place. We peaked the hill and found ourselves on top of a dam with a beautiful reservoir with emerald green water and the campground on the other side. There are mountains on 3 sides. God was looking out for us and we got a spot in the campground that is on a hill overlooking the water. It’s a beautiful spot. We can look down the way we came up and see snow covered mountains in the background. We have full hookups, plenty of space between camping spots, grass and trees. We were getting tired of the red dirt at Moab.

We did some checking and Rifle has been picked number 17 out of 200 in Sunset Magazine as the place for outdoorsmen to come, whether for hunting, fishing, hiking or trail riding.

We went to church on Sunday. We have intermittent phone and internet service where we are, so we didn’t get to check out the churches as well as we normally do and they didn’t have websites anyway. The first one we went to had an open front door, but when we walked up at 5 minutes to the service time and stuck our head in the door, there was no one there. We didn’t think that was so good, so we walked a half a block to a Baptist church. At least they had greeters. There were 19 people including us. No kids, mostly people older than us. The Pastor did a good job of talking about the requirements in 2nd Timothy for elders and deacons and how we all should be striving to live up to those requirements, even if we are not leaders in the church. We are staying for 10 days, so we are going to check out a few more churches. We did see a notice for a church in the next town that has a Celebrate Recovery group, so it might be a little bigger.

It’s supposed to rain on and off for the next 4-5 days, so we will hang around and do housekeeping chores and paperwork. We have to go 3-4 miles down the road before we get full phone and internet service so we might be out of touch for awhile. Next stop is another state park north of Denver, by Loveland. We didn’t get anything booked for Memorial Day as all the campgrounds were already filled up so we will be boondocking over that weekend. That should be interesting.

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