Sandra & Wayne Europe 2011 travel blog

Arrived in Strasbourg with credit cards cancelled and only a little euro. Never mined it was beer o'clock anyway - all good. Spent the rest of the day trying to arrange new credit cards and itemising what was in the wallet. Final got through and the new card was on it's way. Be here in two working days -woohoo.

Dinner that night was a birthday dinner as 3 of us had birthdays in May. The restaurant was in Petite France and one we had gone to on our trip in 2008. Had a great night and they even brought out sparklers for those who had birthdays. Really neat!

Second day in Strasbourg was spent at the police station reporting the theft and as no one spoke english we had to wait for another officer to come an take our statement. Have that now for the insurance but it,s all in french.

That all done we got on with enjoying a beautiful town. It's one place you shouldn't miss. Soo pretty.

Got our bikes and had them all fitted out so guess there's no turning back now! Dinner that night was part of the tour and they sent us to a really nice restaurant which had really good food. The dessert was to die for.

Tomorrow we start riding - oh my what have I done! Good night sleep required after the past few stressful days.

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