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Greetings, We woke up to the blessing of a wonderful warm sun, shining through the blinds and doorway. Got ready and sat down (4 ladies) for breakfast. We prayed, had a little Bible study and started the days work. I must also share with you that I am being blessed to be with these strong women of God. For the past 2 months or so, I have been learning more and more about Faith ...these women are wonderful women of faith and walk in faith. The Lord is showing me more and more about Faith and the importance of Faith in our lives. Ms Bev and Ms Luella have been a real great twosome to learn and grow from. If you have not seen or known an individual to walk in their purpose then, you would have to meet these two ladies. They are doing what God has called them to do. Ideas, creativity, and the wisdom just flow from them, they are doing what is needed to move this vision forward. Now, I cannot leave out Brother Rackley, although he was not with us this time around (and I have not met him), I strongly felt his presence. He was talked about daily from those who came to visit. Those who came to participate in the program would always ask about him and how he was doing, I truly felt the love that the people had for him and was appreciative and thankful for the seeds that he had planted and continue to plant within them. The Rackley's have taken a vision that was planted within them and have sewn it in the teachers, pastors, children and people of Bacalar and sounding region (Quintano roo). My God children have a dog by the name of Tiger (who I call tigress or dog), now I think being around this canine prepared me for Ofie - the Rackley's Mexican dog. Ofie was a quiet soul that mostly rested in the days on top of the tables (don't ask me why) and ran up and down at various creatures that I could never see who he was chasing. At night if I got up to go to the washroom (which was most nights), as I stepped out the door, he would be there and would walk with me to "el Bano's". Of course, like Tiger when there was food preparation being distributed he was there, waiting for something to drop :). Surprisingly, I enjoyed him. When the people came, he walked among everyone, doing his thing, not interrupting or being interrupted, if he wanted to lie down in a cool area under the fan, he did just that ... he was a joy to be around (Yes, Judy/Kyera a Joy to be around - like my beloved Tiger...LOL). Well, the focus for our day today was preparing arts and craft material / models for the training sessions that would be taking place in the week. This coming Wednesday all the teachers (~130) of them will come to the Oasis Centre and the leaders (Ms Bev, Ms Luella and Pastor Carolino would facilitate 3 days of how to conduct a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for all age groups. So we are putting creating models of crafts, along with preparing samples for them to practice the curriculum over the next three days. They will also be provided with a resource package that will contain material for them to use with the children this summer. Can you imagine, preparing all the resources / material for 8000-12000 children. WOW ... it is a phenomenal experience. We worked the entire day, stopped for a late lunch and late night dinner; before we knew it, it was 10 pm. We had prepared for the 1st and part of the second day of the training. There is much more to be done, but we are moving forward wonderfully. Thanks be to God for a wonderful day in his presence and doing his work. Blessings Family and Friends Lots of love and appreciation for your support. SMW

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