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Gien at Dusk

Day 15-17 May 12 – 14th

Rest day was great with body and bike maintenance the main priorities. We had a lot of pleasure watching various rowing combinations passing our spot by means of a narrow waterway leading to a larger river - 2s 4s 8s etc, school kids to good quality scullers/rowers. Brought back many memories of following Rachel's exciting rowing journey.

The next 2 days gave us our best cycling to date. From Orleans to Gien (82k) was a dream with lovely paths and, now becoming more important to us, very smooth surfaces. 25k/hr was a reasonable speed. As case in point today we were, on some tracks, down to 12 quite often. Makes a big difference to time in the saddle and to mind. The weather has continued to be more than kind with hardly a cloud in the sky and plenty of warmth in the middle of the day. Gien presents a lovely view from across the Loire and if I manage to get pictures uploaded you will be able to see. When we were last at the campsite 2 years ago there was a lovely old carthorse tethered near the beach. 'Dobbin' had gone but 2 Belgium type shires had replaced him - wonderful sight and aroma. Today to Decise (77k) has been very different. Low cloud, almost continuous rain, generally light, until early evening and cold. From a singlet yesterday to 5-layers today. Not only that but the roads and track were of a very different calibre. The only good points to the day were the stops in the bars and the absence of flies. Flies, ants, beetles etc. We know that there lots insects in this world and that they outnumber us many fold. It is only when you are out and about that you realise how many fold. Along the riverside we have been through swarms of many things - difficult to talk sometimes - but none causing any pain or problem apart from inconvenience. By coincidence the numbers of martins etc is amazing.

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