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This is the Killer attack Duck, no foot is safe.

We had a bit of a rough time yesterday as all our buses took twice as long as suggested (4 hours spent on a 2 hour trip being the longest, with others). We met the same israeli lady on one of the buses again, more coincidence, we are convinced we are going to see her again. We ended up in Tegucigalpa which was not a nice place. The guide told us not to stay long and the people were telling us "don't stay here, its bad." With no organized bus station we ended up in a taxi who knew where the bus to get out of there was. So we spent a quick cheapish night in Danli, with dinner on the floor and a plan for tomorrow (today)

Today went smoothly, cheap buses to the boarder, quickish through customs and organized buses all the way to Esteli (arrived at 1pm.)

Esteli is nice, one big shopping market, but still lively and friendly. Our hotel has a trained attack duck, who will strike unwary feet.

Plans are to visit some nearby attractions then on to Leon.

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