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Moats and Castles are so fun to see

At our lunch stop Castle

Anybody's guess

Lunchwagon in Worms

Friday, May 6, 2011

We drove through the Ardienne Forest which is mostly tree farms now. It is hard to imagine the war going on in this pastoral setting. Some of the fiercest fighting of WWII happened here in the worst of winter.

We got off the freeway and onto country roads where the scenery was stunning. Springtime in Europe is awesome with everything blooming and the new-green of spring leaves on the many, many kinds of trees.

This was a long day of driving and stopping only for caches and convenience stores. Going from country to country is no problem now that the European Union has been established. It is like going from one state to another. We don’t even get our passports stamped……….Bummer!! We’d really like to have them stamped.  Such is life in this forward looking part of the world!!

We stay in Worms, Germany tonight which is an historic old town and Gerd will meet us there and spend the day with us caching tomorrow. He has lined up a bunch of fun caches for us to do.

Our hotel is the Asgaard. We are on the second and third floor right in the rotunda-front overlooking a large crossroads area and town.

Dinner tonight was another adventure. We walked to a Pizzaria that had everything and much of it was very different. The pizzas were very thin, very large and served individually. The waitress was fun. The restaurant was very busy but we had arrived late so we were some of the last patrons there.

Our rooms are awesome, so glad to be here and are looking forward to caching with Gerd.

Signing out for now.

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