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Local transportation

Some curious locals helping us find a cache

We stopped to feed them for their help

Caching in a small community led to the perfect lunch

Food is not only yummy here, it is pretty too

Caching by the docks was scenic

This curious Muggle Gentleman slowed us down a bit

Puzzle caching at the Glory Church in Antwerp

It is like we stepped inside a picture postcard

Dinner in Glory Church Square

A picturesque windmill in Holland

May 4, 2011

Amsterdam to Brussels

The day was full of new sights and sounds. Have you ever seen a baby carriage that looks more like a wheelbarrow than a stroller.. and holds half a dozen excited chatting kids. We met this group coming out of a park where we found a couple caches. Later in the countryside, we met up with this group of hungry horses when we turned out too soon to get a cache….we had to go to the next turnout to get the cache but we stopped to feed the horses first.

Antwerp was awesome and the square was dominated by a cathedral where we found a cache where we had to find something in the statues on the front of the cathedral. Our dinner was so yummy. We ate outside and were surrounded by so many happy people. It was a holiday and they were celebrating noisily.

We drove down a bike trail, it is amazing the look on people’s faces when they meet a car on their bike trail. Their roads and bike trails all look the same to us and since we can’t read the road signs…….well, it is always an adventure with us!!

Lunch was awesome at a Greek restaurant which I am thinking I wrote about in another blog, but if not, here are a couple pictures of Calla’s where we ate outside and had such a good time visiting with people.

We have to leave to meet our next landlord…….everything gets lost in translation, so we are in a rush!!

Signing off for now.

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