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Chesapeake Lighthouse

They are still trying to revive the oyster population on the Bay....

Knapps Narrows. Note the boat in front of us is another Mainship....

Captain Buddy takes us up the Miles River.

John & Mary at St Micheals. Boaters who live here who is...

Sue & a few of her friends

Buddy & Carolyn with us at Solomon's Tiki Hut sporting Just Relax...

Oyster Sign

We drove to St. Mary's, VA to see the old town.

Rescue snake. Sue and Carolyn were not impressed.

While we eat supper, this boat came in with a nice catch.

Sue bought one similar to this for our porch at home.

High tide at St. Micheals. Unusual, and one person here told us...

new boat made to original specs. In the making for over two...

5/7 We leave Deltaville fairly early for a log run to Solomon's Island, MD where we have been 3 times before. It was a beautiful day. It is a must stop for Sue. Buddy & Carolyn Coulter are on their way up today from home (Lake Norman, NC) to join us for several days of touring some of the Chesapeake. We are excited to have them. They are great to be around and best of friends. We check in with them via phone as we travel during the day so we each can keep up with progress. It is so good to have such good coverage versus when we did the great Loop in 2006/7. We arrive only about 2 hours before they do. We stay at Calverts Marina at only $1/ft which is a real deal, especially considering this is a great facility and the town is pricey. We take JR over to the town for a free pump-out before docking and readying the boat for our company. The weather is very nice. We stay two days here to sight-see and eat Crab Balls that is a must for Sue. Night 1, we eat out at local place that we were so surprised at how good it was (Back Creek Bistro). We tour the Oyster museum where they are not all that pessimistic that Oysters will make a comeback ever on the Bay - so sad. We drive over to St. Mary's, MD to see the old town and John gets us lost with his navigating. IN any manner, we find the town. The college is here and we tour the campus some too.

5/9 Takes us up the Choptank River on the eastern side of the Bay to Cambridge, a town we have never been to. It is more of a working town which occurs more on the eastern side of the bay versus the western side (where Washington DC is, which of course makes sense that there are not many workers on the west side - LOL. We only walk around town for a short while and return to boat for an evening of marbles and more R&R. We went here in part of a grand plan to go to an anchor for two days, but the forecast is for 44F, which is too cold to enjoy playing in the water for two days. We had a hard time docking here due to winds (Jack-itis we call it in honor of boater friends).

5/10 We decide to leave and head to St. Micheals. It is still windy, pushing the boat into the dock, so John gets his crew on the dock and ties off the bow to the dock and let's the wind pivot the stern around so we can leave - the crew did perfect. We have a good laugh later as Carolyn stated that maybe we should leave Buddy on the dock. We do some studying and decide that a channel called Popular Narrow is doable. We ask a couple of locals and are told that other boats do it, but they could not recommend it to us specifically. We go slow and the depths were ok. Lot's of crab pots, so Buddy did crab pot look out for John ("there's one over to port, oh and one to starboard, but do not miss the one directly in front of you"). It is off-season still there, price-wise, so we get marina discounts that are fantastic. We have been here before and there is so much to see and do. The girls go shopping and spend not too much money, but we now have a couple of things on the boat that takes up some space, but no big deal. Versus Cambridge which the economy is hurting, St. Micheals is a richer town and there is no sign of a recession here (The Donald Rumfields and Dick Cheeny's live here among others). We see commercial and construction vehicles buzzing all around teeming with business. Folks we met here in 2009 when we did the Downeast loop met us for drinks - they are sister/bro-in-law of folks on Odysee, who did the Downeast Loop when we did. It was so good to see them again. Tony M, the Mainship we saw in Knapp's Narrows (see picture) came by to introduce themselves and gave us some tips on CT shore for where we get there. Buddy and Carolyn are getting a good taste of life on a boat, meeting people, seeing some of grassroots America. They seem to be having a good time. St. Micheals we visit the Maritime musuem to check up on changes. John asked about a boat that had been here for years that a guy was working on, and they said it finally got done and is with its owner. A lady showed us a boat that she and husband are building that they bought while it was being built (I think this is right). All of these boats are built to original designs or are restorations that all take years. They are all wood. Much shopping was done today and some yesterday. The girls also did some laundry. The tide is extra high also today, so the docks got covered with water. We had to wade through it (see pictures). Weather is near perfect again.

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