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Our general travel plans in Italy

Our lightweight bags

Luciano, our guide in Sardinia & Corsica


Our second trip to Italy is only a few days away. We leave on Friday, May 13 in the morning on our way to JFK where we have an afternoon wait for our 7PM flight to Rome.

Our luggage will be light this trip since the final segment with Rick Steves Europe Through The Back Door insists that we need to carry our own luggage up as many as 5 flights of stairs. We know we can do it since this was the same requirement of light luggage we had in Africa - only the reason in Africa was not about 5 flights of stairs (most of our accommodations only had one floor!), but because of the bush planes we were flying on between camps.

The picture we have included with this posting shows our general itinerary on a map of the western side of Italy. We'll be out for 3 1/2 weeks on three different tours. First with Classic Journeys and Luciano in Sardinia and Corsica. Then to the Amalfi Coast and Salerno, and the last leg in Sicily.

We don't know how often we can post updates, but do watch for the email notices.

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