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Well, here we are, back in our humble abode. Left Sherman this morning about 10 and started our trip back south. Bob was driving and for a person who does not like traffic, heights and wind, he did well driving through Dallas. The closer we got to Dallas, though, I could see that he was becoming more tense. Later he told me that he almost completely froze a couple of times. He pulled over as soon as he felt comfortable doing so and I took over the driving. We thought we had left the wind behind in OK, but it followed us all the way home. The distance from the campground in Sherman to here is about 330 miles, that's the most we have driven in one day, so we're a little tired. We emptied the refrig/freezer, but left everything until tomorrow. We've enjoyed the trip and look forward to the completion. Once again thank you for hanging in with us.

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