Yellowstone 2011 travel blog


Our home ( in foreground )

Sunset at Palisade Lake

End of the day

Storm on the horizon

En route from Bryce Canyon National Park to Arches National Park we spent 2 days at a pleasant small state park on the shore of Palisade Lake near Sterling, Utah. The afternoon we arrived the temperature was mild (high 60's), sun shining, and winds light. In other words, it was a pleasant afternoon for setting out the folding chairs, enjoying the view across the lake, and being lazy!

Overnight, though, that all changed. We woke up to gray skies, rain, and intermittent snow showers throughout the day. One particularly intense snow shower in the afternoon was a near white-out for about 15 minutes. Then it passed, and the sun was out. It was that evening that I was able to take the sunset pictures.

Next morning we were off to Moab.

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