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Hahndorfs finest

Hahndorf S.A

Hahndorf S.A

It was a rough week ;)

SOoo yum... Sooo Hot! 2 bites too many

Waiting for the whistle to blow

Where to next

its a tree thing

Mt Barker Summit, Adelaide Hills

Something from Sesame street?

my cold hands were temped to jump the fence

I DaRe YoU to Step OuT SiDe The BoX ;)

Turning grain into flour

Turning grain into flour

Our Guru Graham Brookman showing us the ropes

final touches after an intense pruning, painting newly exposed areas with white...

spent 2 days trimming and painting Carob tree orchards pre harvest

farm life, Down in Immins Vale S.A on Amanda's Property, preparing for...





She's still alive!!

Its been a long time between blogs i know :)

Finding both the time and energy to sit down and write, plus decent internet connection when out at the Food Forest Property is challenging

So!... I currently find myself back in the Adelaide hills :) This place is magnetic and i seem to be constantly drawn here

Luckily i have a warm bed to rest my head here and good company, once again very grateful Vic xxx Your a keeper!

Learning so much still, with our last 3 days of lectures starting to make me feel like a little fish in a big pond! My god there is so much to learn.

If only i could download an app and have all the knowledge and terms stored in my head! ohhhh how the world would be my oyster!

i know! i know! your thinking... "But Sarah, its the experience that is of value, not simply the knowledge" And i agree, it has already been such an amazing journey!

Starting to realize though, that my city up bringing has restricted my knowledge of some of the things i truly value. Listening to others in the course, inspired by how much they know, from identification of different plant species, to their natural understanding of the land.

It drives me to learn more. It also makes me wish there was more of an educational influence in our schooling system. The importance of knowing your surroundings seems to drastically outweigh a lot of what i did learn in school. Makes me question.. What are we really being prepared for at school?

Sarah... Always questioning the world!


Ok before i get too carried away... back to what i have been doing!

During our last break from lectures i have run wild through hills exploring new places and meeting new faces!

Posted a few photos from one particular town we stumbled across call Hahndorf.

Blew me away! And highly recommended to visit.A small town highly influenced by the German settlement around the 1860's, here you will find some traditional foods that have even become scarce in its mother land!

There are also some photos of my spare time spent WWOOF'ing (willing workers on organic farms) @ the Food Forest.

Wooff'ing is a great way to experience the country and an amazing opportunity to learn hands on. When you sign up, you receive a book full of individual and family homes/properties Australia wide, looking for a helping hand in exchange for food and accomodation

The usual agreement is to work 4-5 hours per day for your keep and jobs can include a number of duties either on the land or in urban communities.

My two days work included Pruning the Carob tree's in preparation for next years harvesting. The Brookman's hope to use a more mechanical process where each individual tree is shaken vigourously by a giant claw attachment to the tractor and all the carobs fall into a collector that looks a little like an upside down umbrella below.

A much more efficient way when dealing with so many trees, however this ment all the tree's that have never been truely pruned had to bare their trunks! Out came the chain saw!!! :)

Once all nicely manicured, we had to go around and paint the NW facing side of their trunks to protect them from the harsh evening sun and the chance of getting sunburn.

It was a great two days and look forward to doing more WWOOF'ing in coming weeks

For now though, in my 2 weeks off before our final weekend lecture, i will be playing in the hills, doing a window job ;) and also quite a bit of study as i have a small project to create a sustainable design for a WWOOF quarters on Amanda's Property, as part of our overall group project... I have no idea where to start!!!

So i best leave it there and get my head into some books!

Missing you all back home

Hope this reaches you all well


much love


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