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entering McAlester, OK

our campsite, Sherman, TX

view from the "co-pilot seat"

First, once again HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mothers. Phyllis called her mother this morning to wish her a Happy Mother's Day and she has heard from our children wishing her a Happy Mother's Day. Well, it's almost over. Left the Fort Smith, AR area this morning with clear skies and bright sun shine. About 1pm it started clouding up and we thought we might have some rain, but nooooo, it currently is sunny again. We have stopped in Sherman, TX for the night and will more than likely be home tomorrow evening. Phyllis snapped picture #1 as we were entering McAlester, OK to stop for lunch (since it is Mother's Day, Phyllis shouldn't have to cook). They are statues, in case you didn't know. As we drove through Atoka, OK we saw evidence of recent tornado damage, blue tarps covered what was left of roofs, metal guard rails intertwined with tree limbs, large trees uprooted and piles of rubble where homes used to be. It just showed the unpredictability of tornadoes, since some of the homes missing parts of their roofs were mobile homes. Guess they were anchored well. Soon after entering TX, we started looking for a campground. The GPS ETA was about midnight, but we didn't want to be exhausted when we arrive at our humble ab ode, so we stopped. The campground where we stopped was our 2nd choice. Our first choice was "Grandpappy's RV Park" (it was advertised in the Passport America book and would have cost us about $10), but we couldn't find it. Once we get home and recover from this trip, we will start planning for the remainder of THE ROUTE. Don't know when we will complete it, but hopefully in the near future. Thanks to all those who have hung in there with us, hope you all enjoyed the trip with us. Phyllis hopes she didn't ramble too much and bore you to death (she tends to want to report every little step). Hope each of you will join us for the rest. God has been good to us, keeping us in good health, keeping us from getting so upset with each other that we just wanted to call it quits, and giving us good weather (only hairy day being the day we drove into OKC). Our prayers go out to those folks along the Mississippi River who are facing the lose of their homes and land. Once again, Thank each of you for your support. Bob and Phyllis

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