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Welcome to Halltown

1926 through truss bridge

abandoned and restored


guess the inhabitants are Republicans

"Fido, let's go for a drive."

"..all set for take-off!"

fill-up anyone?

looks like a few of the churches I've attended

how's this for a lakeside cottage?

it's tanning time

they even have a marshall's office

and provide day care

permanent residents

after all this is a farm

"Crap Duster" by Lowell Davis

another state under the belt

view from our campsite

"George/Georgette" stands at the ready

Woke up this morning to rain, thunder, and lightening, so we decided to interrupt the trip and head for home. (The rain was moving east.) So after breakfast, we packed up and headed west. This gave us the opportunity to see a couple of the things we missed. The first place was the Whitehall Mercantile in Halltown. Mostly it was a junk store, it is housed in a 111 year old building. (It also needs a lot of work.) Then we made our way along Old 66-over the river and through the woods (see pictures #2&3)-to Red Oak II. Red Oak II is an old town put together by local artist, Lowell Davis. It was named after his hometown which is now a ghost town. He bought several of the buildings from the original Red Oak, along with some of his family’s old buildings, and moved them to his farm outside of Carthage, MO. He also buys old buildings from other areas and restores them to their original glory. Red Oak II includes a church (picture 9), a diner (picture 4), a Phillips 66 station, an old schoolhouse, feed store, diner, town hall, jail and several private homes. Mr Davis lives in Belle Starr’s old house. It was fun walking around the town. The church has an interdenominational service every Sunday morning. The diner used to be a trolley which ran in Carthage in the 1920s and 30s. So after visiting these places, we were on the road again and this is where we stopped for the night. It is very quiet and sitting by the open window, we can hear the crickets chirpping and smell the honeysuckle-AHHHH this is the life!! Tomorrow more miles under our belts and who knows where we’ll be this time tomorrow (and for you mothers, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY).

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