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Now That's A Turkey Picture!

Wild Turkey Labels


Greeted By The Chief

Waiting To Be Filled

11E05 is 2011 May 5

10L20 is 2010 Oct 20

Aging. The Barrels, Not Me!

Getting Wild At Wild Turkey

We travel the five miles out of the campground to the highway in the fog. The way we came in last night said No RVs. There must be another way out but we do not find it.

In Lawrenceville, we eat at a Huddle House. This is a little different for us. It is the only open place we find.

We are on the Bourbon Trail so we head to the Wild Turkey Distillery. We get passport books. If we visit all six distilleries, we get free T-Shirts!

The Wild Turkey tour is very good. This is a brand new facility. We watch a movie. In the movie, we see the head distiller and his son. We leave the movie and there is the head distiller. He comes over to greet us. We chat and get a picture.

I find the tour much more informative than I expect. I learn the difference between bourbon and whiskey. At the end of the tour, we get free samples. This will clean your sinuses!

We leave the distillery and head to the Lexington Candy Factory on the outskirts of Lexington. Unfortunately, their tours are only twice a day. Not all of our plans work out. We find a place for lunch and head back to camp.

We follow the Trailer Life directions to the campground instead of the GPS. Aha, we find a road wide enough for two cars. Tomorrow we head into Ohio.

Campground: Cummins Ferry Resort CG

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