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We left MSM via train and arrived in Cancale via bus with no problems this morning (hereinafter referred to as "Paradise"). Paradise is a fishing village located on the northern Atlantic coast of France in Brittany, and we wanted to come here for the fruits de mer a.k.a seafood, especially the oyster farms. This was another locale we discovered courtesy of Anthony Bourdain.

Our hotel is fantastic: eco-friendly and has a spa (yahoo!) and much more inviting than Mont St Michel. Not to mention the people are infinitely more friendly here!

To sum up today, we have basically been stuffing our faces with fresh raw seafood, starting with a massive seafood platter, consisting of oysters, clams, prawns, tiny grey prawns, whelk and periwinkles (sea snails), lagostines and crab. You have to work for your meal with these platters, but it is well worth it. Absolutely outstanding! Then, because we hadn't quite had enough (sarcastic emphasis added), we decided to camp out at an oyster farm, and further stuff our faces with half a dozen of the most delicious and largest oysters you could ever imagine, all for the cool price of 3E. And to really seal the deal, we finished off with the largest bowl of mussels you have ever seen, accompanied by a side of fries. Heineken is the new Guinness.

Because we are in Brittany, it was only proper to try to fit in a crepe during our meal(s), which we did, gladly. The restaurant we were at called for customer participation, so Cory showcased his skills in preparing a crepe. The waitress called on other wait staff to watch; they were quite impressed. I also got a compliment on my French speaking abilities and was asked what region of France I am from. It seems as though we will fit right in here.

Needless to say, we're very happy in Paradise and looking very forward to a relaxing next couple of days with plenty 'o seafood...and crepes. We keep thinking every place we visit that it's the best part of our vacation, and yet it just keeps getting better. It's a pretty neat feeling : )


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