Yellowstone 2011 travel blog

After taking a couple of wrong turns near Mack, Colorado (where I should have refueled, but didn’t), and traveling thru miles of almost uninhabited country on Colorado Hwy. 139, we began the ascent to Douglas Pass on the Roan Plateau. The perilously narrow highway (with almost no guardrails) climbed to 8,300 ft. before descending thru a long narrow valley towards Rangely, Colorado. The whole time I was pulling the trailer up the mountain and then descending thru the never-ending valley I watched the needle on the gas gauge creep from just above the 1/4 tank mark down towards the “E” end of the scale. This is the closest I have come to running out of gas in the 4,000+ miles I have driven this trip. And let me tell you, it was nerve-wracking with no towns in sight, no gas stations, and no cell phone signal! The gas tank warning light did finally come on just before we reached the junction a few miles from Rangely. Fortunately we were able to make it to a station though, and life was good again.

Tonight we are staying at a small campground just outside of Rangely called the Buck N Bull RV Campground. Season doesn’t start here until next month. So we are the only campers other than a couple of men who are here while they are working in the area. There are no kids or dogs. The campground is quiet. And because it is so dark at night without city lights, we can see a million stars in the sky.

Tomorrow we are planning to visit a natural history museum in nearby Vernal, Utah and the Dinosaur National Monument.


P.S. We are behind in posting pictures for Moab and Arches National Park. We will try to upload them by the weekend. Don

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