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Our Castle for the night

The bridge across the moat

Castle window from 1627

Sandy on the castle stairs

Wayne and Lois at Breakfast

View of the servants quarters from the castle turrent

Windmill in Holland

Canal in Brugge Belgium

The Canadian Memorial at Vimy Ridge WW1

In the WW1 trenches

Bomb craters from WW1

188 miles an hour. No, that's not Wayne's driving, that's the Eurorail through the Chunnel from London to Callais, France! Although we have seen some interesting speeds out of our little "scenic" cruiser Renault but more about that later.

Our Renault is a fun car with lots of bells and whistles including an impressive gps system even for geocachers. Of course when it was stuck on a Russian keyboard for a while, it was interesting.

In Callais, we visited the church (and a cache of course) where Charles deGaulle got married. This was definitely more scenic than the bathroom at the ferry port where we picked up the car......although the gentleman that came rushing into the ladies bathroom might not have agreed!! Just another interesting side story about a fellow confused tourist.

After getting the car, the first order of business was "gas or cache!!" Of course the cache won out but we did make it to the gas station without having to get out and push!!

Next on the list was Vimy Ridge,France, where Lois' uncle fought and was buried during WWI. It was a poinent stop where we searched out her uncle's name on a huge Canadian monument built on land the French gave to the Canadians and planted with many, many Maple trees. We walked through the trenches and among the now grass covered bomb craters and read letters that Lois had brought written by her aunt and uncle that took us back to horrific times of frozen feet and trench rot and yet huge bravery.

Back on the road, Wayne is doing his best at keeping up with traffic going 130kmph and we passed a wreck that just happened. The car was burning and people had stopped to help the occupants who looked singed and beat-up.

Our stay in a castle built in the 1150's, was idealic. Such a beautiful setting replete with a moat, goats, sheep, horses and a rusty but working (Wayne checked it out) water gate for filling the moat.

More to come on our night in the castle!!

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