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Seaba Station

one of last barns

mural entering Chandler, OK


old building in Chandler

old motel in Chandler, OK

historic gas station


In Davenport, break the law, clean the street

1905 building in Davenport, OK

another mural in Davenport

old hotel in Stroud

old buildings line main street in Stroud

owner of, inspiration for character in CARS

length of original 66 (not traveled)


old buildings in Bristow

1st Fat Elvis, now Fat Charlie

Funky name

Catoosa icon

another one for David



Oklahoma's beloved native son

what a view


half of memorial building

our campsite at Claremore Expo RV Park

We packed up and departed Tinker AFB Fam Camp without a problem, but by the time we stopped for propane, turned in the rental, and filled up "George/Georgette" it was almost 1100. Bob did all of the driving today. We traveled on THE ROUTE all day, passing through small towns and wide places in the road. We had already seen the small towns west of Chandler, so that was our first stop today. As it turns out, one of the books Phyllis used to plan this trip is written and maintained by one of the citizens of Chandler (we thought about stopping to say hello, but then changed our minds). We stopped at the ROUTE 66 INTERPRETIVE CENTER. It is housed in a restored 1930s-era armory and has some nice exhibits. Then on through Davenport (this is where we saw the prisoners cleaning the street) to view the murals and into Stroud. Stroud is the home of Dawn Welch who owns the Rock Cafe'. Ms Welch was the inspiration for the character Sally Carrera in CARS (you can see the cutouts of CARS in front of the cafe: picture 14). We drove THE ROUTE all the way to Claremore (where we are spending the night). At times it was bumpy, but for the most part, the road was very good. We didn't make too many stops just slowly drove by and snapped pictures. The Blue Whale is one of the 66 oddities. Built as an anniversary present, it used to be a swimming hole, but now swimming is not allowed. We didn't make any stops in Tulsa, just didn't want to take "George/Georgette" downtown. We made it to the Will Rogers Memorial before they closed and visited the various areas that are there celebrating his various activities (he was more than an actor). By the time we finished there, it was getting late, so we found the Claremore Expo RV Park and here we sit. Tomorrow we continue on toward MO. We have been in OK for almost a week, it's time for another state.

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