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canoeing the swamp


Scenic drive along Florida coast, then inland and north to Georgia. The campground here is miles from anywhere, but very private sites and almost empty (didn't need reservations). Walked to the boat rental lagoon to find alligators and turtles galore. A fisherman had a hard time outfighting the gators for his catch. He briefly hooked a turtle, but it let go.

Hiked the nature trail and boardwalk. Very muggy here about 85, but shade trees help.

The second day, we got a rental canoe and went out on the swamp. They give you a map of the waterways and there are signs posted where everything is so you don't get lost. There were hundreds of alligators, the first one we saw was huge and arched his back and growled at us! Paddled to one end of lake to a place called Billy's Island where there used to be a lumber community there. Everything is overgrown now, but still a cemetery there. Paddled back down and ended up spending about 4 hours on the water. It was so worth it. Saw lots of turtles sunning themselves and many egrets and herons. That night we walked back up to the boat lagoon and saw a hawk catch a snake and eat it on a tree limb overhead

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