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The drive to the Peruvian boarder over 1300miles

4/12-Tues- The big decision, Peru or Bolivia-began the transoceanic highway to Cusco. Camped at Conquista de Oeste truck stop(305 miles). Had some difficulty in Cuiaba finding the road north but made it out of town finally. Passed through the cities of Caceras and continued to drive until dark. This section of the highway was in good condition and in the low foothills. There was just miles of cleared land with small farm houses. This road has only been here since the mid 70's. Pavement is just in the last 20 years. So this land has been reclaimed, a horrible term, for use. In this section it was mostly cattle ranches. You could see that across the fields with hundreds of cattle there were a few giant trees left in some cases at least a 100 ft tall. This gave an idea of what the forest must have been like before RECLAIMATION. The nice thing was in the forested sections large flocks of parrots, parakeets, and other birds would fly out in the mornings and back in for the evenings. So if we happened to be at the right place we could ID them as they flew over.

The weather was in the high 80's and as long as we were moving and the windows were open it was tolerable, for the humidity was also in the high 80's. When we stopped for the day with no wind it was sweltery. We used out handy fan to put on us at night to keep us cool. The bugs were really not a real problem, we had netting for the doors. This first night on the road we were at about 2000ft. So it was more comfortable sleeping.

4/13-Wed-Oro Preto de Oeste truck stop(291 miles)

This drive we switched drivers after a couple of hours of me driving and Karla began. Within minutes we encountered huge pot holes, infact they were so big that we were lined up behind 5-10 trucks that seemed to be almost as long as half a football field each, waiting for our turn to pass through the upset road. This took hours of time and frustration for Karla, she wanted to stick with it. We were hoping that after we passed into a new state of Rondonia that the roads would improve our mistake... More cattle country spotted with fields of corn and soya. We began to wonder if this new road called the Tansocianico was just propoganda for the Brazilian section in the state of Rondonia and the north of Motto Grosso states was in bad disrepair.

4/14-Thurs- from ORO Preto de oeste to Jaci-Parana truck stop(343 miles)

4/15-Fri-Capixaba truck stop (315 miles)

4/16-Sat-Kumarurana Pausado Balenario (165 miles)- visited Chico Mendes home and Foundation headquarters. Stopped in Brasiliala to get information about entering Peru at the Assis Brasil.

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