West Coast Trip 2011 travel blog

The Cascades

Bridal Veil Falls

El Capitain

Upper Yosemite Falls

Sue at Lower Yosemite Falls

Bill at Lower Yosemite Falls

Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls in the Clouds

Bridal Viel Falls From Across the Valley

From the Top of the Cascades

The Three Eared Deer

It is Easter Day but there is no Episcopal Church in Midpines so we celebrated Easter admiring God's work in Yosemite. It is a cloudy day but we were still able to see many of the sights of Yosemite. There has been a heavier than normal snowfall this year and with the spring melt the waterfalls are magnificent. The first one we came to was the Cascades. It is quite pretty but you cannot get very close without climbing across rocks. While we were taking pictures, a man told us that you could get to the top of the cascades on another road which we decided to do on our way out. Our next sight was El Capitan. Even in the clouds it is magnificent. Next we arrived at Bridal Veil Falls. You get a great picture from the parking lot. We started up the path to the base of the falls and saw that people coming back were soaked so we decided to wait until Tuesday and bring rain gear. We went on to Yosemite Village taking pictures of the spectacular rock cliffs along the way. We had lunch at the grill then tried to drive to the trail head for the walk to Mirror Lake but it really is only accessible by shuttle so put that off until Tuesday, also. We drove to the path to the Lower Yosemite Falls and took the path. The Lower Fall is much smaller than the Upper but was plenty big enough. We took several pictures from the viewing point then walked on to the base and took more pictures. We took another path out and got some great pictures of both Upper and Lower Falls in the clouds. On our way out of the park, we got some pictures of Bridal Veil Falls from the other side of the park. We also came upon two deer munching on grass. One of them had three ears but he refused to take the right pose so the picture does not show the third ear. We drove up 120 to the top of the Cascades. It was quite a view. Finally, we left the park. It had not been the best day for viewing the sights but it was magnificent anyway.

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