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The kids are relaxing

Today was a full day at sea, so we were all pretty lazy. We did watch Sardinia going by. Mom and dad finally got the internet working (slowly) on board. We updated the blogs and got caught up on a few emails.

After a nice last dinner, we went back to the room to pack. Disembarkation starts at 8am but the suitcases had to be out in the hall by 2am.

Cruising is a neat way to have a family vacation. It is also an outstanding way to see a lot of tourist sights in a very short time. The rapid fire sightseeing is a bit like snacking though, you don't get a complete and filling experience. Just a quick taste.

We might not be doing a cruise again any time soon, but definitely enjoyed the experience. It is easy to understand why the cruise ship industry is so huge. In fact being on a ship with 2,800 people, all of whom are happy and relaxed like the Spaniards on our Pullmantur Sovereign cruise, it is easy to forget about any cares or worries. Until you turn on the news, it is possible to forget there are any problems in the world at all - isn't everyone happy, rested and well fed like on the ship? It was very nice.

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