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Making Lewak Coffee- long process

Resort in the midst of rice fields

Rice fields

Water temple


Monica & Kedak

waterfall trek

our transportation

Can't seem to stay away from the children or dogs

A handsome guy I met at the beach bar

Hi all,

Selemat Sian from Lovina.

Well they did say that Lovina is a very mellow and laid back place. That's putting it mildly. Our resort would have about 65 rooms or so, I think only about 20 are occupied. This morning Tom and I were the only ones around the that.

Our journey up here from Nusa Dua, without stopping, would typcially take about 3.5 hours. Our trip was about 5.5 hours. Our driver Kadek, took us to a number of sights along the way. We traveled through the mountains. The highest point was about 2300metres. The roads are very windy and quite narrow. Kadek is a very courteous and safe driver. He is probably 25-30 years old. He told us has has been working for the past 3 months straight, because of his young daughter- she will be 3 months old in a week. The Hindu tradition for a father is to put on a big celebration for his daughter when she turns 3 months. He says it is very expensive ordeal. His entire village and family come to his home for the celebration. The ceremony is called - Nelu Bulanin- The Balinese believe that a child under 3 months should never touch the ground because it harbors bad spirits.

Our journey to Lovina took us to a mountain lake temple - Pura Ulun Danu Bratan- a very important Hindu temple. Founded in the 17th century and dedicated to the goddess of the waters(Dewi Danu)The temple is built on small islands and are completly surrounded by a lake.

Next we stopped at a coffee plantation. Has anyone heard of Lewak coffee. One of the most expensive coffees in the world....why because it's made from a rare civet cat's droppings. Yes, poo. It seems that for centuries this cat has been eating the arabica beans and passing them threw it's system whole. The farmers gather the droppings and clean them. It is a very lengthy process- hence the high price. It would come to about $4-5 for a cup of coffee...not latte or cappicinno. We bought a small package just to say we did. We did also buy this amazing ginseng coffee- so good. It has been our morning pick up for the past two days.

Our next stop was at a waterfall. Beautiful walk in the end but we had to go through numerous vendor stalls. I bought something off one lady....who ripped me off- where was Shannon when I needed her...she is the barter Queen!

Our hotel is nice enough, but it's no match for the one we just came from in Nusa Dua. We

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