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Luang Prabang is super lush and always misty in the am

Crossing a little footbridge to a restaurant on the other side of...

The city almost feels European....

We were stuck in a little bakery waiting out this heavy thunderstorm

Donating a few dollars (US) bought books for local schoolkids

Grilled/BBQed Mekong fish....the river seems so dirty that we haven't dared to...

I'm allowed to go back in time on this you're getting some late posts. :)

After a horrendous bus ride (14 hours I think) we arrived in sleepy Luang Prabang around six or seven am. We found one of the guesthouses along the riverside and checked in. Caleb took a little snooze while I went out and promptly got myself lost while wandering the hazy morning streets. It was a quiet morning, a few other tourists strolling along but mainly just a few monks collecting alms and the coffee shops setting up for the days business. Went back to wake Caleb and find some breakfast, our toilet wouldn't flush and the bathroom was infested by ants. So we paid half the night's rate (about 8 bucks I think) and checked in to a much nicer hotel with clean rooms and up to date ammenities. We didn't do a whole lot in this city, it was so pleasant to just stroll around the lush streets and enjoy the old french colonial architecture. Most of the city juts out on a peninsula between the Mekong and another river--it's also a Unesco World Heritage site. We were especially happy that along with the pretty buildings, the French left their mark in the form of BREAD! For the first time in SE Asia we found delicious bagguettes, pastries, and even bagels and things. We feasted whenever we found the excuse. I think we were both losing weight before coming to Laos, but may have gained it all back in a matter of days! But it was worth it. We opted out of touristy things like boat rides and didn't even go inside any of the wats, but really liked the city. I could have spent a full week there, at least.

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