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The Base of the Ozarks

Cardinal in Campground

We haven't had any more storms since the night we were in the shelter. Whew! What a night that was! The same storm we had caused a record number of tornadoes in Alabama and other states the following day. I heard that it was the worst tornado outbreak in 40 years. Yesterday, we dropped off the rig at the service shop at 8am for the fridge sensor problem and the bedroom air conditioner/fan rain leak. We did an all day sightseeing tour of the area by car. First stop was to some falls about 50 miles from Alma. We got all the way up there only to find the entrance road to the falls was closed due to flooding (some areas of the state have had 11" of rain in 4 days). Undaunted, we continued our journey into the Ozarks. The sun has been out for a couple of days now, temps are in the 70's, and everything has become an even more vibrant green. We got back to the service center at about 4pm, and assumed the rig was finished and outside, but it wasn't outside. I said a quick prayer as Bill walked into the building to check on it. He came out a few minutes later and said the rig was ready, they just had to move another rig out of the way so they could get ours out of the bay. I was so glad to see it as they pulled it out and parked it next to our car! Home! We brought it back up the hill to the campground, and hooked everything back up (water, sewer, electric, cable). They put a new cover on the bedroom fan, but the fridge fix will hopefully be done in Branson (it's complicated, but the Alma service folks had to see the failure for themselves, then tell the fridge maker, Norcold, that their recall fix failed before Norcold will send out a replacement part, hopefully while we're in Branson). Since Bill unhooked the faulty component, the fridge is working, so we're okay for the interim. There are other things that will need to be replaced before our next year's trip (water pump, window shades, air conditioner), but the rig is nearly 10 years old, so we're taking it all in stride. The engine is still nearly new (65k for a diesel is young). Pretty soon, everything will be like new. It's just our version of the "Money Pit". We sat outside after supper last night, listening to the birds and frogs. Several new rigs pulled in, and we chatted with them while the dogs all did their meet and greet. Today, we are just doing odds and ends - laundry this morning, maybe a nap this afternoon. Tomorrow (Saturday), we leave for Branson, MO. I'm really hoping that the rally does NOT include the Osmond Brothers show!

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