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Winnie at Tom Johnson Camping Center

Terry McKinney and Associates

We arrived at the Tom Johnson Camping Center in Marion, NC late yesterday afternoon. The weather on the trip from Virginia was rainy and overcast. Last night we were under a tornado watch until 0200 on 4/28. As you are probably seeing on the news, tornadoes have torn up Mississippi and Alabama. We were fortunate that there was only rain and thunderstorms last night, although someone said a tornado siren went off about 0400 this morning. I must have slept through it because I never heard it.

We wnet to a geocaching talk today. Geocaching is using a handheld GPS to find hidden stuff. Once you find it you log it on a web site. It's kind of an active version of "Where's George?", the dollar bill tracking hobby. I've had a handheld GPS for a couple of years, but haven't gotten into geocaching yet. Looks like it could be fun. There are apparently over a million things hidden all over the country.

There is an RV superstore here at the campground so I wnet in and bought some stuff. It's not a Camping World, but it's close. Took a look at some of the new and used RV's on the lot. I think we'll stick with Winnie for a while longer.

After the Pot Luck dinner tonight we were enetertained by Terry McKinney pefroming traditional country music. I was surprised Terry and his back-up musicians played for 2 hours without a break. Most of the guys were old-timers who have played with some of the greats from country and blue grass music. They were great although I was nearly frozen by the time they were done.

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