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Road up to Mt Nemrut

Left Behind

The top and at least two eds maybe three

The alarm sounds and for a short while we needed to get our bearings, what day is it,

where are we and why are we up so early? Then the reality of the need to get up and ready kicks in and we started doing the morning routine. However no breakfast at the hotel at this hour but we should have time at the airport and also get something on the plane.

We got onto a mini bus with our 4 other tour people plus guide and headed to the airport. When we got there it was a melee and Bev questioned why there would be so many people travelling so early. This meant we had to stand in queues for checking for first security check and then second security check. This resulted in us being past any food outlets and on the plane seated and hungry a half hour before departure. The flight left on time because there were no late arrivals and we finally got something to eat and drink. We arrived a little bit more awake and fed at Adiyaman airport to be ferried straight to our hotel where we had a two hour break to refresh before heading to the mountains.

Mountains you are not kidding, we drove for an hour and a half up hill and down dale and then up up up to stop and have lunch which again was very tasty. Then into the bus for the final climb to the drop off point at the start of the walking track to the summit of Mt Nemrut. To give you an idea of how high this is, there was still snow lying about (2,200 metres). I found the walk hard going as the air is thinner at this level. Bev used her Mt Ainslie experience to stroll up. At the top were these huge statues, the most famous parts of them being the large stone heads which are on the ground in front of the statue torsos. The statues were made the 1st century BC as a monument to some megalomaniac king. You would have to be a maniac to build anything up here.

We worked our way back to the drop off point and found two of our party had gone missing. Apparently they had confused what the guide had said about meeting at the top to the top of the mountain not the top where the statues were. Anyway we saw them heading down about 15mins after us and were soon in the bus heading down a very windy and steep road with no safety rails (and no seatbelts on the bus) back to the hotel for a rest and a nice warm meal.

More of the adventure tomorrow. Love Ed & Bev.

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